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Residential remodeling

A large portion of your time is spent in the kitchen; it is by far one of the most important areas in your home. The perfect kitchen must be efficient with regards to the location of appliances, sufficient storage and counter space and fully equipped with outlets and lights.
Steinway Plumbing Heating and Cooling offer a complete one stop construction service for your kitchen remodeling or kitchen addition/extension project. From planning and design to a finished product.
Your project will be completed on time, budget and to your full satisfaction.
Before deciding on a layout, consider the common traffic patterns in your kitchen. It's best to place the refrigerator at the outer corner of the cooking area so that people can walk in to get a snack without getting in your way when you are attending to hot pans on the stove. Also think about how traffic from adjacent areas, such as the dining room, will affect your plan.