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Faucet and fixture

In contrast to kitchen faucets that are generally purchased for their functionality first and style and color second, bath and powder room faucets are often chosen the other way around. Variety abounds in these faucets and the only limits to their design seem to be the manufacturer's imagination. While traditional plain-Jane units are still sold in large numbers, particularly for mass-market housing, most upscale home buyers seek unique designs to express their own individuality. The most crucial consideration in choosing a lavatory faucet is the requirements of the sink or top on which it will be mounted.
If the faucet will be mounted on a deck or through the wall, will the spout reach the bowl? The bowl and faucet should always be bought together, because once it is installed, or attempted to be installed, the faucet may not be returnable. It's also important to remember that desired accessories such as an instant hot-water spout, a soap dispenser, a sprayer or the like, require additional holes.