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Emergency Plumbing

A plumber in New York, who is specialized in his line of business to the highest plumbing qualification, should be able to deal with any type of domestic plumbing work. This includes repairing water pipes and the piping that is responsible for supplying and removing fresh water, waste water and sewage.
The type of emergency New York plumbers that will work on pipes that carry gas has to have obtained a different type of educational qualification that allows them to work with the sometimes dangerous supply of gas to a home.  A plumber in New York who works with gas and boilers now has to be, by law, a gas registered plumber.
A plumber in New York is able to carry out work on any other non-related gas piping, such as the mending and installation of a toilet and other bathroom fittings, kitchen pipes and others.
Often plumbers are called to solve plumbing problems which have been located because of water either pouring or dripping into a customers’ home through the ceiling and this is when emergency plumbers are needed quickly.  In such a case, you should know where your water stop valve is so you can stop the water till the plumber arrives.
As experts in emergency plumbing repairs and with many years of experience under our belts, we at Steinway Plumbing Heating and Cooling believe we have one of the most qualified team of plumbers in New York who are able to get to any corner of our large city in record breaking speed.