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Drain cleaning

At Steinway Plumbing Heating and Cooling we specialize in clearing drain blockages at domestic and commercial properties in Steinway. Blocked drains are often caused by the following which can usually be cleared through drain jetting, machining or with drain rods:

  • Toilet paper, sanitary products & baby wipes flushed down the toilet causing a back up of sewage
  • Fat /scale build up in the drain pipe work
  • Debris/foreign objects washed down drains

We operate a very portable yet powerful drain jetting unit at 4000 psi which not only cuts through the blockages but also removes scale, and fat build up from the pipe work. Our aim is to reinstate the customers blocked drain with the minimal amount of disruption, fuss and cost to the customer. There is nothing worse than a blocked drain at an inconvenient time. We can give an approximate time when we will be calling and do not hugely inflate our prices for weekend or out of hour’s calls.